Path to Healing

Helping Families Heal

     When a death occurs in a family, the result is an emotional wound. regardless of the health of the relationship. With any wound, proper care is necessary for healing. Just as you would seek medical help for a physical wound, we are here to assist you in beginning to heal the wounds associated with grief. While every path to healing is unique, there are some universally helpful rituals that can greatly improve the journey ahead.

     The days ahead may seem overwhelming. That is why we are here. Our care is designed to help you begin to heal with the support of family and friends. We help you honor your loved one as you Gather, Reflect and Celebrate their life. These planned steps and rituals provide an opportunity to grieve in a safe environment so that our tears, memories and even laughter help cleanse the pain of loss.

     At Cook, we are committed to help you and those you love heal. We will guide you through the choices and empower you to find the one that best reflects the life of your loved one. With the proper attention to grief, you give all who hurt with you the best chance for the future your loved one would want for you as you remember them.

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Meaningful experiences bring healing in a positive way.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Dr. Seuss
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