Green Burial

Environmentally friendly services.

Green Burial Options
When choosing a green burial, you can pick the options you’re most comfortable with. These include a variety of settings for viewing, ceremonies, and cemetery services.

We have several options available for environmentally friendly preparation of the body. If public viewing is selected, specially formulated chemicals are used for embalming. If no viewing or minimal viewing is selected, the body will be preserved with dry ice.

Green Burial Services
A variety of services are available when you choose green burial. Whether you choose recycled paper for printed materials or a grave in a Green Burial Council certified cemetery, how you make it green is up to you.

Sample Products for Green Burial

  • Burial Shroud made from Cotton
  • Sea Grass or Willow Casket
  • Wood or Pine Box
Sample Products for Green Cremation
  • Biodegradable Urns
  • Water Burial Urns
  • Water Burial with Eternal Reefs

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